RE | Solutions, LLC and TRC Receive Certificate of Recognition

RE | Solutions, LLC (“RES”), a brownfields redevelopment company, and TRC Companies (“TRC”), a leading provider of end-to-end engineering, consulting and construction management solutions, have provided critical services resulting in Certificates of Recognition for Compliance Year 2019 for their client, Carson Reclamation Authority (“CRA”).

These acknowledgements were given by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District (“LACSD”) and the City of Carson for complying with the LACSD discharge requirements for treated groundwater being discharged to the sanitary sewer system at a rate of approximately 26,000 gallons per day and 780,000 gallons per month.

RES and TRC have worked together to perform Groundwater Monitoring, Surface Water Sampling, Groundwater Recovery System Leachate Influent and Effluent Sampling, Stormwater Best Management Practices, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities.

This project involved full compliance with the LACSD for a significant industrial user with no NOVs, no equipment failure, complying with discharge limits, and maintaining appropriate permits.  The Certificates of Recognition are awarded for achieving full compliance.

RES and TRC are proud of the work they have done for CRA and to receive this Certificate of Recognition.  We look forward to continuing to exceed the expectations of the Los Angeles County Sanitation District helping them maintain the industrial wastewater system and protect the public.