Mary Hashem


Mary Hashem is a co-founder and Principal of RE | Solutions, LLC (RES). She is an MIT-educated geoscientist with over 30 years of business experience in real estate, environmental consulting and risk management, the last 20 years of which has been in the Brownfield redevelopment industry.

Ms. Hashem’s career has focused on the underwriting, remediation, redevelopment and divestiture of commercial and industrial properties, including distressed assets with significant financial and environmental challenges. This involves working directly with the sellers and buyers of brownfield properties, environmental regulatory agencies, financing sources, lawyers, and with the communities impacted, both positively and negatively, by the properties and planned development projects.

Ms. Hashem’s work has included determination of the most practical technical approach to remediation for brownfield developments; negotiation of clean up approaches with regional, state and local regulatory agencies; structuring risk management programs, including underwriting environmental insurance, for acquired properties; and managing property restoration, including environmental remediation, building abatement and demolition. She played a key role in the General Motors (GM) bankruptcy as a lead negotiator with most of the EPA regions and states that had brought environmental claims in the bankruptcy.

Ms. Hashem joined EnviroFinance Group (EFG) in 2011 as a result of its merger with Brownfield Partners, a firm she co-founded in 2003. At EFG, she was responsible for the environmental risk management, compliance and project execution of the company’s assets in New York, New Jersey, California and Denver. She left EFG in 2015 to start RES.