Kate Lucas, AICP

Planning Project Manager

Kate is a planner specializing in the entitlements process, site design, and community development and engagement. During her career, she has worked with over 30 municipalities in Texas, Colorado, and California. Previous projects range from designing and entitling one acre commercial sites to creating master plans for communities. Kate joined RES in May of 2017 as a summer associate, but quickly became responsible for the entitlements process for a 157 acre landfill site in Carson, California, in addition to coordinating the CEQA process and community engagement efforts.

Prior to joining RES, Kate worked as a land planner specializing in entitlements and site design for a civil engineering firm in the Dallas, Texas area. Most recently, she worked for the Colorado Center for Community Development, providing planning and design services to rural towns in Colorado.

Kate received her Master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver. She also holds a BA in International Studies with minors in Urban & Regional Planning and Art & Architectural History from Texas A&M University.